Real estate litigation

What is Real Estate Litigation?

The practice of commercial real estate litigation concerns income-producing real estate properties and projects of a wide variety, including office buildings, retail centers, apartments, hotels, and industrial properties. Litigation can arise in any aspect of these projects from acquisition and financing to development and construction to management and leasing. The disputes can be as varied as the parties and the projects themselves.

When to pursue Real Estate Litigation

For developers, litigation can arise with land sellers over purchase and sale agreements; with municipalities over zoning and entitlements; and with contractors over construction bidding, cost overruns, and construction defects and delays. For lenders, litigation can arise with borrowers over loan commitments, loan defaults, and collateral recovery; with junior and mezzanine lenders over subordination obligations; and with mechanic lienors over priority rights to the real property and loan proceeds. For property owners, disputes can arise with retail and commercial tenants over unpaid rent, repair and restoration obligations, and rights of first refusal.

Riley and Riley, Attorneys at Law

Real estate litigation is sometimes required to protect your most valuable asset, your home. It is not only where much of your money is spent, but it is also the place that you and your family find refuge from the stresses of modern life. So, when someone sells you a defective home or wrongfully terminates your lease or fails to properly fix your home, it impacts not only your finances but also your mental well-being. Riley and Riley understand the special importance of your home and will work to ensure that the seller, landlord, repairman and/or their agents are held responsible when they misrepresent the quality of your home, your rights under your lease, or the quality of their services. We also battle out-of-control homeowner’s associations when they seek to impose unreasonable charges or wrongfully limit your right to use your property as you please.

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