Serious Personal Injury?

If you have sustained a serious personal injury that you believe was someone else’s fault, talk to a serious personal injury lawyer about your rights and legal options as soon as you can. You have the right to pursue legal compensation if your injury was caused—in whole or in part—by another person’s or company’s negligence or wrongdoing. Or, if the injured person is a family member who is too young or too hurt to act, you can place the call for your loved one. 

You have the right to be fairly compensated when someone is careless and causes you to suffer a serious personal injury. From car wrecks to unsafe premises, we have over fifty years of combined experience holding accountable the person or company at fault for your pain and suffering and obtaining full compensation for your injuries. Our reasonable rates and hard work ensure that you keep more of your recovery in your pocket. We will help you get the treatment you need and bring your case to a close as quickly as possible. And in the rare instance where we don’t recover anything for you, there is never a fee for our services.

Riley & Riley handles cases for people with a wide variety of serious personal injuries, including but not limited to:

The personal injury lawyers at the Riley & Riley Law Firm are very experienced in the most challenging personal injury cases. We are fully dedicated to all of our clients, and we know how to protect your rights and your families’ rights if you have suffered an injury or loss.

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